Trend Alert : Button Up Now


Hey people , so todays trend post is as you may have guessed , about Button-Ups !

I am really all for button-ups this Autumn/Winter because I think they are perfect for providing that extra warmth during chilly times and at the same time they lend us that smart casual vibe.The good thing about button-up shirts is even though they are very well-tailored , they can still look feminine with the variety of choices that we get today in the market.

As always I have created a few looks incorporating this trend and hope you all will like the looks I have created for you –



So this first look is a very business oriented look. I would recommend wearing this to business meetings or lunches or anything formal.I used a black blazer and paired it up with a black button-up shirt which is quite the unusual and I like being unusual. To add a pop of colour a paired it up with a blue skater skirt and gold neck pice.The gold neckpiece brings your attention to the shirt which can otherwise get lost in the blackness of the blazer and itself. This look is better off with all black accesorries or else you may look like your trying to hard and the look will lose its sharpness.



This is my favorite look for this trend today. Its quite quirky but I still love this look because of its weird pairing up. I used a grey fitted jersey button-up top and paired it up with a maroon tulle skirt , as maroon is the colour for A/W.This look is very ‘fashion weekish’ and its will definetely make people turn around and look at you in a good way. I like the fitting of this entire outfit and I paired it with a maroon pump to match the skirt because anything else would dull the look.A black bag is a safe choice as it will contrast well with the grey and also the maroon.



This one is a very casual look , you can probably wear this on a movie-date with your boyfriend.Instead of the shirt , I used a button-up cardigan instead and I had to use maroon cause for some reason I feel maroon is the color of this season.To add a little bit of fun I added this floral skater skirt and paired it with a black wedge shoe and beige bag.Black wedges bring out the black in the skirt and beige is a neutral color so it goes well with the look.


This last look is very boyish chic , its for all the tomboys out there , and non-tomboys as well .I used this beautiful cream shade sleeveless button-up and paired it up with camo skinny pants as camo is very on-trend this season..I ‘chic’ed it up with a pair of black pointed pumps and band watch that show off the edginess of the personality and a plain simple black bag.With these accessories most of the attention goes to the outfit.


Trend Alert : Pleather


Hey Y’all , so I know we have been seeing pleather skirts a lot lately and I totally agree to its use specially as winters are around the corner and pleather outfits give that ultimate glam touch for this season , since its also a heavy fabric , I do not particularly prefer them in summers.

As always I have created a few looks for all my lovely readers , hope you like them and get inspired .Lets get started –


The first look is a very cute dress with pleather edges on the sleeves , I love the colour because its good as both summer wear and winter wear. With this dress , I feel a classic Ray Ban shades would go very well and bright red lips would add character to the whole look.To finish it off you can add a beanie and stockings to combat the chills if you like .


This look is not much of an everyday wear but its a sure crowd stopper because of its edginess.I took a very common black pleather skirt and teamed up with this ultra cool “4th of July” ish fringe top and crotchet loafers.I think loafers are comfy and I like how they match the top here, Go for a mellow coloured bag , I chose maroon here and finish of the look with messy hair or like how I have used a bandana here

I seldom see such a bright coloured pleather skirt so when I saw this pencil skirt I just fell in love.I made this look very quirky by adding a statement crop top that says #love which is so cool and ankle strap sandals with white cluych to bring that chic-ness into the look. I would recommend this look to be teamed up with a chic ponytail or a sexy pixie cut if you may dare !! 😉


The last look is very comfy very everyday , I teamed up a brown pleather Tulip skirt with a plain black tee and a pretty white and gold handbag.This look can be worn with a bun and red stilletos which would add that zest to this everyday look.I think this can be worn to office too if we replace the red sandals with black sandals.

Trend Alert : All That Glitters Is Gold

So people if you have been following up with me on Twitter and Instagram , you probably would have seen me ‘crazy-ing’ around in bright gold shorts.

What can I say , I am a gold digger ! haha , well although carrying of anything in gold can be a bold move , it still can be toned down and worn semi-casually if paired up correctly.

I think a gold pai of shorts or skirt can make one stand out and really bring attention to your outfit , but one has gotto be careful or else it can make one look really weird.

As always  I have created a few looks , hope you can get an idea of what I am trying to suggest and wear this trend with full gusto.


This first outfit as a beautiful glamorous gold leaf pencil skirt , and I paired it up with a plain white crop top and white stilletos , to tone down the glitz of the skirt. A plain bag not only looks effortless but also looks classy , make sure the bag that you carry is nude coloured .This look can be worn to a lunch date or afternoon shopping.



I created this look for a more casual outing, I paired up this pretty metallic skater skirt and as you can see, the skirt in itself is very subtle even though it has a metallic mood, and to make it more casual , I have paired it with this girl ‘Paris’ tshirt and pink bow clutch to match the tshirt .Since its a casual look , go for sneakers or flats and bounce around the city with your girlfreind in this cute look.



This is a total party look , but I love it so much specially because of the cross crop top . The shimmery gold shorts are the ultimate party snazzer and with statement accesorries your all set to be the belle of the ball.



This last look is for the rock n roll gal, obviously with the Ramones tshirt what else could it be. I used the tshirt to tone down the sparkle of the gold skinny pants and since the pants are quite loud in itself, you do not need to add any accessory at all and just stick to the basics.

Trend Alert : Check It Out

collageHey Guys ! So I am back after a long break but I am ready with an overload fashion news bottled up inside of me.

What better way to start off than to post a trend alert and my very first comeback post is about “Checks”.

Yes people , we are in ‘check’ this season so gear up to take the tartan trend by storm!Rock the heritage print not only in a grunge manner , but also girly , glam , casual and chic ways .

Like always I have created a few looks using this trend only for my adorable readers to get inspired :


If your a Girly GIrl like moi , you must go for this look. Here I have paired up this beautiful checkered skirt from D&G and what I like about it is that it is shimmery , and hen I paired it up with this cool crop muscle tee and paired it up with feminine ribbon stilletoes and a BOWWWWWW watch !!

c600x484 2

This is all about grunge , and instead of going for the traditional checkered shirt dress , I opted for a denim dress and paired it up with checkered scarf instead ! To rock this look I added ankle boots with gold accessories and a pair of round shades.With this look you are bound to make Kurt Cobain come back from his grave and ask you out on a date !


For conservative people , I suggest going for a checkered dress such as the one above and pair it up with nice wedges and socks to get the ultimate glam school girl look !


For this look , I paired up a sleeveless check shirt , cause I dont see them much and I paired it up with a cute studded bralet top with a matching black skirt. I feel this this look is very girly-grunge and since the outfit itself is loud , you can just wear your hair in a vute ponytail with a few accessories and your done !


This is my favorite look and is so cause anyone can rock this look, you all know I am a fan of high waist , so here I paired up high waisted checkered trouser with red stilletos. For the top I went for this glam tshirt which says ‘Holy CHic’ in sequins so it really adds that zest to the whole look. To finish off I added a skull studded hand bag whch is kind of ironic in comparison to the tshirt which has the word ‘holy’.Just saying guys !

Trend Alert : The Bermuda Triangle

Hey Friends ! I am back after a short break and I feel fresher than ever !

So summers are on full blast in Dubai and what could be a better trend than shorts for summertime.A particular trend that O have spotted on the ramp and on celebs is the Bermuda shorts . I personally think its cool cause they are neither too short nor too long and is perfect for any body type and is super super super super comfortable.


Like always , I have created a few looks incorporating this trend for you all to have a look on how to indulge this item into your daily wardrobe .


Pair up a regular khaki short with floral top to look and feel girly . A colorful belt can make all the difference and separate you from the crowd!



I am loving this cute embroidered baby doll top and the fact that its palm tree green makes it unique because you dont see this color much often on the road.Again a basic pair of blue shorts is a wardrobe essential and can be worn in fancy ways such as this.



I have always loved the color maroon and here I paired up a maroon bermuda with a very feminine lacy long top.I love the fact that it is cream colored so it can be worn to date or a casual outing as well.And the blue clutch is just the ultimate show stopper.



Like I said previously , that blue shorts are a must have as they can be worn in a no. of different ways , and as shown in my illustration above , I have paired it up with a sexy striped peplum tube top with cute oxford heels.



And if your really planning to go casual , then instead of going for the usual colors , opt for funky colors on or shorts or tshirt , wear bright greens , aquas or even cute pinks , so your looking casual but not cliched !

Trend Alert – Electric

Hey Friends  so today I am in the mood for Neon and this trend is still rocking the streets .

When I think of neon I think vibrant, eye catching colour’s and without fail Summer sun. Whether your a lover or a hater this fluorescent trend is here to stay, it never fully left the highstreet since its appearance last Summer.

As always , I have created a few sets incorporating this trend for you to get some inspiration .



c600x600 (4)


c600x600 (5)




c600x600 (6)