Trend Alert : All That Glitters Is Gold

So people if you have been following up with me on Twitter and Instagram , you probably would have seen me ‘crazy-ing’ around in bright gold shorts.

What can I say , I am a gold digger ! haha , well although carrying of anything in gold can be a bold move , it still can be toned down and worn semi-casually if paired up correctly.

I think a gold pai of shorts or skirt can make one stand out and really bring attention to your outfit , but one has gotto be careful or else it can make one look really weird.

As always  I have created a few looks , hope you can get an idea of what I am trying to suggest and wear this trend with full gusto.


This first outfit as a beautiful glamorous gold leaf pencil skirt , and I paired it up with a plain white crop top and white stilletos , to tone down the glitz of the skirt. A plain bag not only looks effortless but also looks classy , make sure the bag that you carry is nude coloured .This look can be worn to a lunch date or afternoon shopping.



I created this look for a more casual outing, I paired up this pretty metallic skater skirt and as you can see, the skirt in itself is very subtle even though it has a metallic mood, and to make it more casual , I have paired it with this girl ‘Paris’ tshirt and pink bow clutch to match the tshirt .Since its a casual look , go for sneakers or flats and bounce around the city with your girlfreind in this cute look.



This is a total party look , but I love it so much specially because of the cross crop top . The shimmery gold shorts are the ultimate party snazzer and with statement accesorries your all set to be the belle of the ball.



This last look is for the rock n roll gal, obviously with the Ramones tshirt what else could it be. I used the tshirt to tone down the sparkle of the gold skinny pants and since the pants are quite loud in itself, you do not need to add any accessory at all and just stick to the basics.


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