Trend Alert : Check It Out

collageHey Guys ! So I am back after a long break but I am ready with an overload fashion news bottled up inside of me.

What better way to start off than to post a trend alert and my very first comeback post is about “Checks”.

Yes people , we are in ‘check’ this season so gear up to take the tartan trend by storm!Rock the heritage print not only in a grunge manner , but also girly , glam , casual and chic ways .

Like always I have created a few looks using this trend only for my adorable readers to get inspired :


If your a Girly GIrl like moi , you must go for this look. Here I have paired up this beautiful checkered skirt from D&G and what I like about it is that it is shimmery , and hen I paired it up with this cool crop muscle tee and paired it up with feminine ribbon stilletoes and a BOWWWWWW watch !!

c600x484 2

This is all about grunge , and instead of going for the traditional checkered shirt dress , I opted for a denim dress and paired it up with checkered scarf instead ! To rock this look I added ankle boots with gold accessories and a pair of round shades.With this look you are bound to make Kurt Cobain come back from his grave and ask you out on a date !


For conservative people , I suggest going for a checkered dress such as the one above and pair it up with nice wedges and socks to get the ultimate glam school girl look !


For this look , I paired up a sleeveless check shirt , cause I dont see them much and I paired it up with a cute studded bralet top with a matching black skirt. I feel this this look is very girly-grunge and since the outfit itself is loud , you can just wear your hair in a vute ponytail with a few accessories and your done !


This is my favorite look and is so cause anyone can rock this look, you all know I am a fan of high waist , so here I paired up high waisted checkered trouser with red stilletos. For the top I went for this glam tshirt which says ‘Holy CHic’ in sequins so it really adds that zest to the whole look. To finish off I added a skull studded hand bag whch is kind of ironic in comparison to the tshirt which has the word ‘holy’.Just saying guys !


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