Trend Alert ( Men ) : Wrist In Peace

Southern area of European countries such as Italy, South of France as well as Spain, guys had been very often seen with a gold bracelet, along with small links, in the 80′s. On the contrary, in the northern European countries, bracelets were not common by most. In the last few years this trend is changing with more and more men around the globe embracing wrist fashion.

Bracelets are a subtle expression of your personality. It illustrates what your fashion taste is as well as what message you want to give out.

Rules for wearing wrist bands or bracelets :

  1. Think about what message you want to give out.  Is it ,the biker look, the trendsetter or Mr sleek.
  2. You can pair a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch but make sure the wrist bracelet enhances your watch.
  3. Don’t wear too many at once.
  4. Mix and match – Neutral colours in black and brown leather match well with coloured nylon cords.
  5. Pair bracelets with suits – Break down the corporate dress code

As always I have set up a few examples for you below incorporating this trend-

Cartier-Menotte-bracelets-for-men (1) Cartier-Menotte-bracelets-for-men Skulls-Patekmen-wearing-bracelets-2012

il_fullxfull.216149681 Luis-Morais-mens-bracelt-2012.blue_ Trendy-R&B-Navy-Medallion-Leather-Mens-Bracelet-Cuff-back


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