Dont Be Scared

Often one sits alone and thinks of what will happen in their lives. Its funny how out of nowhere this fear creeps in and  depression can take over making one think if they will be able to handle heartbreaks , deaths of near and dear ones , old age or betrayals.Not that one has necessarily faced it , but its the fear not being ready to face it.When such moments come , I will say to you –


It is true,


if we try ,


and remember most importantly ,



2 thoughts on “Dont Be Scared

  1. Great post Sanchari!! Love it, with a good cup of coffee. I know everyone can relate to this post and the images with it. All humankind, no matter male or female. Black, white, brown or yellow. Rich or poor, Christian, Jew or Muslim have all been suffering one thing or another since the being of time.

    Great post Sanchari.

    Chef Randall

    • Thank you so much , yes indeed , sipping on a cup of coffee , I am either always reading a good book , or pondering over things and sometimes , I feel the need to express them .Thank you so much for your kind words and your visit to my blog means a lot .

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