Coffee Time

How strongly do you agree with Thomas Jefferson?



4 thoughts on “Coffee Time

  1. That statement is and was true in his time. But now days even the uncivilized world favors coffee. The Middle East were coffee trees originate from produce the most coffee beans and for the last decade the most terror for the world.

    Will that’s just my thoughts while I sit here and sip on my Dark French Roast cup of coffee. Could be the beans were harvested out of Columbia, Mexico or Africa. But there ancestors originated in the Middle East.

    Thanks for the great post Bowtalks. Keep them coming. Always nice to read something good while drinking a great cup of coffee.

    Chef Randall

    • I like the fact that you have great knowledge about food , all your posts give an introduction about the food and then dishes with the item, its great way to keep readers engaged, your right nowadays coffee is everywhere, that’s why I think its drink of the millennium 🙂

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