Demi Lovato – Style Inspiration – Outfit Ideas

Demi Lovato is one celebrity who knows how to edge up a casual outfit, I am constantly wowed by what she wears and have decided to make a collage of three inspired outfits from Demi Lovato.

As you will see I have not exactly done a ‘steal-her-style’ as in I am not using the same clothing items because I know if you get obsessed with exactly what one is wearing , life gets tough.

I’ll just be giving a basic know-how of what I think Demi likes to wear and how we can incorporate that in our wardrobe as well.


The first outfit is a loose, knit , black dress and as you can see its very very casual but what I have done to add a Demi touch to it , is add up a red spiked ankle boot with some red accessories to match with it.Also , if you look closely the dress has a funky skull embroidered on it.

The second outfit , is more chic , though the entire black and white monochrome look gives you that edgy vibe.I kept the tshirt soft and flowy so it adds a little bit of casual vibe to the outfit.

The last outfit is a simple , pretty blue dress , and to edge it up I ve added gold accessories and a maroon boot with tassels.


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