Take Your Time

My Dear Friends , so my weekend ends and I just thought what we all think  everytime this happens – How did it end so fast ??!!!???

Anyway on that note , before I retire for the week , here’s what I would like to share with you all ;

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.-Carl Sandburg



Outfit Of The Day : Green Is The Color Of Envy






Hey guys , sorry for the quality of the photographs .

Dressing up is so much fun .

I am wearing my New Look striped t-shirt with my green accordion high-waist skirt.

I love my ‘S’ charm that I got from Forever 21 , Ribbons are also my new favorite.

Trend Alert : Button Up Now


Hey people , so todays trend post is as you may have guessed , about Button-Ups !

I am really all for button-ups this Autumn/Winter because I think they are perfect for providing that extra warmth during chilly times and at the same time they lend us that smart casual vibe.The good thing about button-up shirts is even though they are very well-tailored , they can still look feminine with the variety of choices that we get today in the market.

As always I have created a few looks incorporating this trend and hope you all will like the looks I have created for you –



So this first look is a very business oriented look. I would recommend wearing this to business meetings or lunches or anything formal.I used a black blazer and paired it up with a black button-up shirt which is quite the unusual and I like being unusual. To add a pop of colour a paired it up with a blue skater skirt and gold neck pice.The gold neckpiece brings your attention to the shirt which can otherwise get lost in the blackness of the blazer and itself. This look is better off with all black accesorries or else you may look like your trying to hard and the look will lose its sharpness.



This is my favorite look for this trend today. Its quite quirky but I still love this look because of its weird pairing up. I used a grey fitted jersey button-up top and paired it up with a maroon tulle skirt , as maroon is the colour for A/W.This look is very ‘fashion weekish’ and its will definetely make people turn around and look at you in a good way. I like the fitting of this entire outfit and I paired it with a maroon pump to match the skirt because anything else would dull the look.A black bag is a safe choice as it will contrast well with the grey and also the maroon.



This one is a very casual look , you can probably wear this on a movie-date with your boyfriend.Instead of the shirt , I used a button-up cardigan instead and I had to use maroon cause for some reason I feel maroon is the color of this season.To add a little bit of fun I added this floral skater skirt and paired it with a black wedge shoe and beige bag.Black wedges bring out the black in the skirt and beige is a neutral color so it goes well with the look.


This last look is very boyish chic , its for all the tomboys out there , and non-tomboys as well .I used this beautiful cream shade sleeveless button-up and paired it up with camo skinny pants as camo is very on-trend this season..I ‘chic’ed it up with a pair of black pointed pumps and band watch that show off the edginess of the personality and a plain simple black bag.With these accessories most of the attention goes to the outfit.

Once Upon A Time There Was …And Once Again It Shall Happen

CHANEL has been branded the ‘coolest’ brand and I agree with it full heartedly.

As a woman , I feel we all need to get inspired by how Coco Chanel brought hereself to be at the top on her own rules and regulations in a world ruled by men.

This short film is inspiring and at the same time makes me proud to be a woman.

I hope that women and men all around get the true meaning of ‘you can get it , if you want it’.

To Coco Chanel !!